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Cell Phone Holder & Magnetic Mounting System Reviews

We can all use a dependable cell phone holder, but finding that perfect phone mount can be challenging. Speaking of challenges, we decided to put cell phone holder companies to the test, in a new and different way. Scosche responded to our request. The plan was a simple one. We would ask companies to send us their cell phone holders, so we could conduct a reliable in-office test. Scosche sent us their Magic Mount system and the results were amazing and well worth the review. The neodymium magnets proved safe, the design perfect, and the convenience obvious. We announce Scosche as the winner of the best phone holder contest!

The Scosche magicMOUNT system effectively displays and holds cellphones and tablets.

Scosche is the clear winner, but we assume more phone holder manufacturers would also want another chance to send in their phone mounting equipment for our review. We proudly post our findings and include inbound links on this website, hoping to bring in more business for the winner. Go ahead and send Digilu your phone holders and we'll provide an honest review.

Read more about these amazing phone holders on the Scosche twitter account.

Congratulations to Scosche on a well deserved win!


I've been searching for the best phone holder and the Scosche magicMOUNT system is my favorite. Whether I'm at the office, in the kitchen, or in the car, I now have the perfect phone holder, thanks to Scosche.

There's nothing like having a reliable phone holder. We use the Scosche cell phone mounts around the house and does that make a world of difference. Thanks Scosche!